Our product array includes various types of Dals, Sugar, Processed Pulses etc. Dals and Pulses are a major ingredient in Indian cuisines whether it is North Indian or South Indian. Through foolproof processing phases we ensure purity of products ranging from Green Gram, Toor Dal, Urad Dal, Rajma, Lobhia, Kabuli Dal to Sugar.

We have five state of the art manufacturing employing advanced sieves and allied tools to filter out the impurities, husks, weeds, etc. from the raw products. We have imported color sorter machine so that no impurities remain in the end products. Tirupati Food Industries have an in-house barcode facility for retail pulse packs. We use conveyor & lifts for safe and undamaged loading and unloading of products.

Our Pulse Products are:

1. Hygienically Packed by Automatic Machines

2. Available in different measures

   1/2 Kg
   1 Kg
   5 Kg
   25 Kg
   50 Kg

Offered Products Specialties

Moong Dal:- Used for preparing Moong Dhowa for Talai, Sweets, and Papad, Moong Chilka Dal, Moong Sabut, etc.

Chana Dal :- Mainly used in the making of Talai, Papad, Besan etc.

Masoor Dal:- Makes up dishes Masoor Whole Talai, Masoor Sabut, Masoor Dal, Malka & Diamond Chhanti, etc.

Urad Dal:- A major ingredient of South India dishes used in making Urad Dhowa for Papad, Dosa, Sweets & South Indian Dishes (Vada), Urad Chilka, Urad Whale for Dal Malkhani.

Toor Dal:- Used to cook Arhar for Dal Tarka & Sambhar for ready & eat products.

Moth Dhowa for Bhujia

Kabuli Chana, Rajma, Lobhia

Sugar:- For making sweet dishes.